Soundworks Direct presents
Australian Tour, January 2018

MAYHEM with Bölzer, Ruins & Départe performing at:
Jan 16th - Perth, Capitol*
Jan 17th - Melbourne, Max Watts
Jan 18th - Sydney, Max Watts
Jan 19th - Brisbane, The Triffid
Jan 21st - Hobart, Mona Foma**

Widely considered one of the single most influential albums in the history of black metal, The True Mayhem bring their 'DE MYSTERIIS DOM SATHANAS' tour to Australia to shroud us all in a veil of satanic darkness. Wriiten and recorded in bleak and turbulent times, during which the suicide of vocalist 'Dead' and the murder of guitarist 'Euronymous' delayed the release by numerous years, many who would say it is the single most important album in black metal’s history.
Featuring iconic members Atilla Csihar, Necrobutcher and Hellhammer, and with the reputation of being one of the most controversial live acts to ever disgrace this planet, MAYHEM will create THE most incredible black metal tour this barren wasteland has ever seen.

BÖLZER is an outlet and conduit for primal energies, it’s only source of inspiration being the extremities of nature and the inner self. True beauty and enlightenment are found athwart the peaks, amidst the shades. These are the songs that Bölzer have heard reverberate from those places. Ascend and fall…emerge from nothingness a thunderbolt of flaming wisdom! Blessed be the conflagration of their mortal souls!

Adding to the bleakness, Ruins will blend an ominous dark-death metal dynamic amidst their powerful, menacing and melancholic, yet eerily seductive black metal style.

Opening the grey soaked procession will be Départe. Unique, emotive and truly powerful, Départe create dark, brooding atmospheric black metal with a focus on an intense, hypnotic live performance

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Mayhem 'De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas' Australian Tour 2018

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IHSAHN is a name that is synonymous with the Worldwide metal scene; a musical visionary who’s creativity is unparalleled and influence is far reaching. IHSAHN will make his live debut in Australia this May.

Quite possibly one of the most important, influential and creative forces within the realms of Black and Extreme metal music - IHSAHN stands a class apart - an artist unafraid of experimenting and creating some of the most timeless music ever heard. 

The Norwegian multi-instrumentalist, composer and vocalist, hailing from Notodden, (Norway) began his musical career at the age of 13. What began as an ardent passion towards music, soon grew into one of the world’s most significant black metal bands, EMPEROR. Progressing and evolving quickly, at 17, he recorded and performed the incredible ‘In The Nightside Eclipse’, a milestone and landmark album in the history of metal, which has been voted many times over as one of the top metal albums of all time. Years on and countless recordings later, IHSAHN is still at the forefront of the genre, the fire still burning.

IHSAHN has divided his time between the metal and avant-garde worlds in projects like EMPEROR, THOU SHALT SUFFER, PECCATUM, HARDINGROCK and last but not least his ongoing solo vessel, IHSAHN. May 7th will be the first time Australia witnesses the sheer magnificence, and elegant yet brutal persona of one of the most iconic musicians in the metal world.


Ihsahn Melbourne Show 2018

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